Wearing The Jewelry That Best Accentuates Your Face

Jewelry is a beautiful touch to our everyday look, whether that is for work or play. Elegant or casual. Therefore wearing your jewelry properly is vital to achieving a look that is favorable.

So, what do I mean by favorable? What makes an eye catching piece of jewelry? This is wearing jewelry that compliments your looks. We all have different face types.

Determining your face type is a fairly facile task. So let’s take a look at the different face shapes. These types considers: Oval, Round, square, oblong or rectangular. Up to and including heart shape.

Heart Shape

Someone with a heart shape face should avoid wearing earrings that will elongate their face. Instead they should opt for earrings that compliment their features. Types of earrings to consider, includes studs, average length hoop earrings, or even hook earrings. The color brilliance does play an important factor as well. Boasting a pair of earrings that creates a unique and lavish look, will not only accentuate your look, but it will give you that spark and confidence you deserve.


This is a no brainer. Since Oval faces are in essence widest across the temples, as well as the forehead, it has long been considered the ideal face shape. Thus, if you have an oval face, you can get away with wearing just about anything. Considering that oval typically works best with the length, shapes, as well as the size of just about any jewelry so to speak.

Just keep in mind that wearing jewelry that carries a unique mystical design, always gives you that optimal outcome you’re looking for.


Someone with a square shape face literally has a face similar to that of a square. Featuring a wide jawline and forehead. Smaller earrings are most suitable for this face type. Necklaces that are longer are typically a smart choice. Softening the square lines in the face helps a bunch. More importantly, elongating the face as much as possible.


There is not a whole of difference between a rectangular and a square shape face. The lines are in essence similar to that of a square shaped face. Thus, similar measures can be exercised. Keep in mind however, that the rectangular shapes are longer and more narrow. Therefore, in the case of a necklace, it should be shorter in length.

Round Faces

Someone with a round face has a wide cheek bone, and their jawlines typically well rounded with a short chin. Thus, fullness is a major characteristic that is in essence attributed to their face type.

I recommend an added dimension be created with this face type. The purpose is to create length. This will provide a great balance. Wearing the jewelry piece that compliments these features is everything. An individual with this face type should wear necklace that accentuate their best feature. Not only will it accentuate their look, but it is also a very expressive piece of jewelry. Adding to one’s personal style.

The take away from all this, is that everyone can accentuate their look with the right piece of jewelry. Regardless of their face type.

Almost everyone owns or has access to a cell phone these days. Thus, for people who do not know their face type, this is fairly easy.

Utilize your cell phone or a digital camera if you have one, and take a photo. Be sure to pull your hair back).

Upon completion, Upload the photo to your computer and turn it into a grayscale image. It is important to take out the color, as this will help you focus on the shape of your face.

Remember, all face types are beautiful, but selecting the appropriate jewelry, will advertise your best features.

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