How To Wash Your Face Correctly To Clear Your Acne

If you want to cure your acne and prevent it from coming back again to your skin, you have to wash your face regularly and keep it clean from dirt, oil, and bacteria. But, most people do it in the wrong way. Thus, they tend to aggravate their acne instead of making their acne disappear. You know, water is good for your skin. In fact, you need to keep your skin hydrated from the inside (by drinking lots of fresh water each day) as well as keep it fresh on the outside (by cleansing your face regularly with fresh water). But, with acne, your face becomes so sensitive, even to water. So, when you put water on your face, you will risk getting more irritation and more acne if you don’t do it correctly. Here’s how to wash your face correctly to clear your acne:

1. Follow it with a bath

Yes, you heard that right. Just washing your face with plain water is not enough to eliminate acne from your skin. You have to follow it with a bath. Why should you do it? That’s because without taking a bath, you will create a kind of imbalance between your face and your body, which tend to aggravate your acne later. Your face will become clean, while your body is not. And since your skin is very sensitive to many things when you have acne, this imbalance will only make your acne worse later, especially when you are in contact with sunlight and have lots of activities to do during the day. So, it is recommended to wash your face and follow it with a bath, or even better, you can do it after taking a bath.

2. You shouldn’t do it while still on makeup

Think about it. When you still have makeup on your face, you need to remove it first with makeup remover before attempting to put water on your face. That’s because when you do it right away, your makeup will not be able to be erased from your skin, which will clog your pores further. This can be bad for your skin later, as it will certainly make your acne more persistent. Of course, this will only apply if you are using oil-based makeup. Water-based makeup is even easier to clean from your face, using only water. But, it is always better to remove your makeup before washing your face because it will help to prevent acne more effectively.

3. Use a natural cleanser

Washing your face only with plain water will not help you to eliminate dirt and oil on your face thoroughly. Besides, it will not be too effective in eliminating the bacteria that cause acne on your face. By using a natural cleanser, you will be able to wash your face more thoroughly. The result will also be better than using plain water only. But, be sure to be careful in choosing your cleanser. There are many brands that are claiming to use natural ingredients in their cleansers, but they are not 100% natural. Not that they are bad for your skin, but because your skin is so sensitive with things like this, it is always better for you to use full natural cleanser.

4. Moisturize your skin afterwards

Washing your face using natural cleanser can easily drain your face away from good oil that will keep it supple. That’s why you need to apply a good moisturizer to keep your face from becoming dry. If you wash your face without applying any moisturizer afterwards, you will tend to make your skin dry during the day. And when it is in contact with sunlight, your skin will tend to develop irritation and redness as well as more inflammation, which can probably develop more acne on your face. With acne, your skin will look uglier when it is dry. So, you should find a good moisturizer for your skin to keep your skin soft and smooth.

5. Clean your face before going to bed

It is important to wash your face before going to bed because when you are asleep, your skin will undergo its natural healing process that will help to eliminate your acne naturally. By washing your face at night, you are helping your skin to heal your acne naturally by removing excess oil and dirt from your face, which may clog your pores during the healing process. Also, to boost your healing process, you should have enough sleep during the day, have a clean bed and pillow, as well as wear clean and comfortable clothes while you sleep.

And don’t forget, washing your face alone will not help to cure your acne completely. You need to apply a complete natural system to clear your acne from inside out.

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