How to Lose Face Weight Fast – A Simple System

For this article I will detail how to lose face weight, by explaining a very simple system that will help you get started now.

firstly do you either have one of these problems

A) You have a skinny and lean body but you have a fat face, and want to know how to lose face weight


B) You recently lost weight but somehow the weight on your face remains the same.

This is your biggest problem…

The common problem is having more face weight than you should, while the rest of your body is not overweight at all.

What if I were to tell you that there is a way to lose face weight without plastic surgery, or losing body weight?

Do you wish you could lose face weight? If only you could target that specific area to lose weight, you can get this part of yourself handled and life would be so much easier, you would look much more attractive, you will get more attention from the opposite sex or a better chance at job interviews, and you do not have to feel insecure about how your face looks especially in photos anymore. In a moment I am going to detail what you need to do.

So why losing body weight is not a good way to lose face weight

You may have heard that in order for you to lose face weight, you must lose your overall body weight or body fat percentage. It is true that you cannot target a specific area to lose weight. However, there are ways which you can increase your chances to lose face weight. One of the reason why you have more weight on your face is because the fat from your calorie intake (may be through genetics) is storing straight into your face first before anywhere else.

Here is the trick

As we all know, muscles are very good at burning calories, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, so the best way to prevent fat from storing in your face is to build muscles.

To help you lose face weight you need to strengthen and tone your facial muscles. Your face has muscles just like any other area of your body, so it makes sense to exercise your face muscles to lose face weight.

Now in case you might be thinking that having face muscles might make you look ugly, this is not true, in fact it is the complete opposite. When building muscles it tightens the skin giving you a more smooth and sculpted look. Your skin is an elastic organ that forms the contours of your face muscles, exercising with a proper program will make your muscles contract and tighten and thus would tighten up your skin, this will reduce wrinkles and stop the stretching of your skin making you look younger and healthier.

There are about 140 different facial exercise techniques that you can learn to do and I will address this a bit later. But the most important thing I am trying to put across is that this is not difficult.

Even though it may seem impossible, and so frustrating to have those chubby cheeks and double chin to a point where you might even consider plastic surgery, but you have to realize that this is not hard, like losing your body weight you just have to be consistent in your facial exercise and in your diet.

NOTE: In no way you should consider plastic surgery at this point, because why should you spend $1,500 to over $5,000 for a buccal fat reduction or a cheek reduction surgery and put your precious face at risk of cheek hollowing and permanent facial paralysis when you can try out these highly developed facial exercises to lose face weight that I am going to show you?

Some quick tips

A quick tip on your diet to lose face weight is to eat more red meat or anything that gives you a good amount of protein. Face puffiness can be caused by having excess water stored in your face, protein can prevent puffiness in your face because it helps release water out of your blood cells.

Also eat more things that you can chew with your mouth, chewing is a good form of exercise for your face such as your jaws. So start chewing your face fat off.

Another tip is to reduce your calorie intake by eating smaller meals, but eat more regularly every 3 hours to increase your metabolism this will make your body process the food that you eat more quickly which leaves less calories to store in your body as fat, and as you know, all the calorie that you eat will go straight to your fat face anyways so make sure you reduce the amount of calories you put in.

You do not need to get overwhelmed by all this. All you need to know is that the key to lose face weight is facial exercises and reducing the amount of calories you consume. It is like going on a weight loss exercise and diet for your face.

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