How Can You Preserve a Youthful Face Without Cosmetic Surgery or Botox

Did you know there are only 43 muscles in your face? And did you know the more you use those face muscles the longer you’ll keep a youthful appearance.

Before you start thinking about using Botox or those expensive creams or even cosmetic surgery, consider going a much easier and cheaper route. We exercise our entire bodies, but have you thought about face exercise?

Doing face exercises on a regular basis can do dramatic things for your face. Fine lines and wrinkles can drastically reduce, or even disappear altogether. The tone and suppleness of your facial muscles can appove. You can also get rid of some of the stored fat in your face.

The reason you develop wrinkles is because of a lack of suppleness and tone in your facial muscles. If you have fat stored in your face it’s simply because the muscles have not been adequately exercised.

If you will start and continue daily face exercises you can keep your youthful look or even get it back. The results can be quite surprising and the best part is the exercises only take a few minutes every day and they are simple to do. Just by tightening those facial muscles you can restore them to a youthful appearance.

Muscle mass and tone are both improved by doing face exercises. But if you never exercise those facial muscles they will begin to deteriorate and your face may age faster than you’d like. Some of the proof that your face muscles need exercise are drooping jowls, fine lines, and wrinkles.

There are three different types of face exercises. These are stress exercises, resistance exercises, and face pulls. They are described in more detail below.

First, there are stress exercises. You can tone the muscles of your face by making movements that will stress the fibers of the face muscles. Just as with exercises you do on the rest of your body the more often you perform these exercises the more your stored fat and wrinkles will decrease while your muscle tone will increase.

Next, there are resistance exercises. This type of facial exercise involves using resistance to control the movements of your face. To perform these exercises you simply press your fingers on specific parts of your face. The muscles of your face are weaker and shorter than the other muscles of your body so only a slight amount of resistance is needed to see results.

Last, but not least, are face pulls. This type of facial exercise is done by pulling the skin and muscles of your face. This exercise makes your face more toned and supple by reconditioning the skin.

Here is an example of an easy face pull exercise:

First, stand facing a bathroom or other mirror.

Then, put three fingers to either side of your mouth.

Next, gently apply pressure, begin pulling the tissue and skin from underneath until you reach your cheek bones.

Finally, wait a few moments then slide your fingers back to the starting position.

For best results, repeat this twenty to thirty times

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